Marissa Meyer Book Signing

Today I was extremely lucky, and I was able to attend Marissa Meyer’s Book Signing in Irving, TX. I promise I will have a book review of The Young Elites once I finish it. I’m a bit of a reading slump, so who knows when I’ll actually finish it.

I haven’t been to many book signings but this one made me want to go to more. It was awesome to be able to meet Marissa Meyer. I also got to meet Lizzie (of and Avery (of I recommend you go check out their accounts because they are super lovely people, and their accounts are just as fabulous.

The signing was actually really crowded. I had assumed that (since it was at a library) it wouldn’t be too busy. But boy was I wrong. We actually broke the fire code of the building (yay?). They handed out about 450 signing tickets, and there were still people left over. Despite the crowd size, it was still crazy fun. I love book signings because you get to see the diversity of readers. You can have cosplayers next to a grandmother-aged woman. It’s just quite interesting.

We also received the full author list of authors that are going to be at North Texas Teen Book Festival. I can already tell it is going to be an incredible festival from the list of authors that will be there. If you live in the vicinity of Irving (basically Dallas), then I recommend you check out the festival.

Alright, I hope you guys enjoyed reading this post! Here are some pictures!



I had so much fun. I hope I get to meet her again someday





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