Book Review: Someone Like You by Sarah Dessen


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“There are some things in this world you rely on, like a sure bet. And when they let you down, shifting from where you’ve carefully placed them, it shakes your faith, right where you stand.” -Sarah Dessen

Halley and Scarlett are inseparable. They have lived in the same neighborhood since they were very young and have been best friends ever since. Scarlett had always been the stronger, confident, more outgoing one of the two of them. That is until Scarlett’s boyfriend was killed in a motorcycle accident and she discovers that she is pregnant with his child. Halley and Scarlett must work together to remain strong despite all the hardships they face.

I have only read one other Sarah Dessen book and that was The Truth About Forever. I had fairly high expectations for this book because of how much I enjoyed The Truth About Forever. It disappointed me *a bit*. This book is only 281 pages which means a lot of plot was forgotten. It felt like everything happened rapidly. There were many moments that I paused and thought: “Wait a second. . . this would never happen in everyday life.”

I did like how the book focused more on friendship than on love. The friendship motif seems to be forgotten in most YA novels, and I appreciate a book with strong friendships. I rated Someone Like You a 3 / 5 stars on Goodreads because it wasn’t phenomenal. It was just okay. I’m glad I read it, though. Especially since I am meeting Sarah at North Texas Teen Book Festival in April.

Let me know in the comments what you thought of Someone Like You. Is there another Sarah Dessen book that I NEED to read? Let me know down below! Can’t wait to see what you guys say.





One thought on “Book Review: Someone Like You by Sarah Dessen

  1. ohh, you’re meeting Sarah Dessen?? That is so cool!
    Say hi to her from me! 😉
    I also liked The True About Forever very much, but I haven’t read this one.
    I also really enjoyed Along For the Ride!
    This Lullaby was great but the first two I like more.

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