Book Review: The Darkest Part of The Forest by Holly Black


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“Once, there was a girl who vowed she would save everyone in the world, but forgot herself.”

Hazel Evans and her brother, Ben, live in a world where faeries and human exist side by side. For generations, a young boy has been lying in a coffin in the center of the forest.  The boy has horns and pointed ears. Children and teens have been trying to wake him up for years. But to no one’s surprise, he never wakes up. Except one day, he does. The town they once knew is shaken from what they knew.

This book is so complex that it was difficult to write the summary above. The Darkest Part of The Forest was my first Holly Black novel that I read. I did read The Iron Trial which was co-written between Holly and Cassandra Clare.

Before I start my review, I just wanted to emphasize Holly Black’s beautiful writing style. She used so many similes and metaphors. I really wished that I would have written them down because man, they were beautiful.

I have only read a few books with faeries in them, and I actually enjoyed the faerie element in this book. I loved the unique qualities that each character contained. The beginning was a little slow, but it didn’t remain slow for very long. The story was very fast pace by the end, and I couldn’t stop listening to it (I listened to the audiobook of it). This book felt very ‘Tim Burton’, and I’m hoping that if this ever becomes a movie that he will direct it.

I rated this book a 4/5 stars because it was brilliant, but it was a bit slow at the beginning. I am meeting Holly next month, and I can’t wait! I have The Coldest Girl in Coldtown on my holds for the virtual library, and I am so excited to read it.

Have you guys read The Darkest Part of The Forest? What did you guys think of it? Let me know down in the comments, and I’ll see you guys soon. Bye!





4 thoughts on “Book Review: The Darkest Part of The Forest by Holly Black

  1. I read it, liked it, I actually love fairies so much so this book event hough it was a bit different, was no exception. I remember I liked the Prince asleep more then awake, though…
    I have The Coldest Girl in Coldtown but somehow everytime I try to read it, I just can’t get into it…


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