The Haters by Jesse Andrews {ARC Book Review}

(I received this book via Net Gallery for review. This doesn’t change my opinion in any way). 


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Wes and his best friend, Corey, are set to attend a jazz-themed summer camp. It turns out that jazz camp is mainly all guys talking like they were ripped from the 1950s. But they find the only girl in camp. Her name is Ash and after ‘jamming’ for a few hours, she tells the boys they need to leave camp to go on tour. They all leave their cell phones at camp and take off in Ash’s van. They travel a round the country and find places to perform. Through this, they all learn to cooperate as a band and as friends. They also learn a thing or two about each other during their The Haters: Summer of Hate Tour.



My reaction to 60% of this book:


The Things I Loved:

1.The Format of The Book

Jesse Andrews is also a screenwriter and that is portrayed in his books quite a lot. Many of the pages are written like a script, and it makes his books easy to read. His most well-known book, Me & Early & The Dying Girl, was written in the same way. While reading this book, many scenes I actually imagined as a movie. If this book isn’t opted for a movie, I will be extremely disappointed. 

2. The Way Jesse Engrosses You

I have never been in a band. I have never wanted to be in a band. With that being said, this book made me feel like I was in the band. The settings and the characters really assist in relating to readers of all interests. It doesn’t matter what your relationship to music is; you can still enjoy this book.

The Things I Didn’t Like:

1.The Jokes

Okay, I go to a public high school in an area where parental supervision is slim. I have never heard anyone make that many jokes about private parts. And I sit in front of a drug dealer during Spanish. If you stripped Jesse Andrew’s books of vulgar jokes, then he would be a phenomenal writer. Don’t get me wrong: I can take swearing and some inappropriate jokes. However, this book just went way overboard.

2.The Characters

The Characters annoyed me. A lot. The trio bothered me because they were quite inconsistent. Sometimes I loved them and sometimes I hated them. The interaction between the three were always hit or miss.  

Overall, I would rate The Haters a solid 3/5 stars. The writing and plot were interesting, but the actual content of the writing made me extremely uncomfortable. If you enjoyed Me & Earl & The Dying Girl, then you’d probably like The Haters because the characters are quite similar (the two boys and the one girl motif.) This book was okay, so read only if you are interested. Still a fun read, though. I’m glad I read The Haters but I don’t think I will read any future books written by Jesse Andrews

Happy release day to Jesse Andrews! Are you guys planning on reading The Haters?  Let me know down below how you liked it (when you read it). I want to see how our opinions align. See you soon!



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