My Favorite Childhood Book: The Library Project

Hey everyone! This post is a bit unusual from what I usually do, and I’m VERY excited about this! The library project is asking bloggers to make posts about their favorite childhood books to help spread the word about their charity. I’ll have more information about the organization towards the end of the post. First, let’s talk about one of my favorite childhood books!


Fancy Nancy by Jane O’Connor

If you guys have never heard of Fancy Nancy, I’m incredibly sorry. These books played a HUGE role in my love of books. Fancy Nancy is about a young girl named Fancy Nancy (obviously), and she is basically in love with everything fabulous. She wears exuberant clothes and is completely fabulous. Her family dresses normally, so she makes it her duty to be the one in the family to hold the fanciness.fancynancy

Right now, I’m the complete opposite of that. My closet’s primary colors are black and blue. I’m not a big fan of being in the spotlight (except when it comes to theatre). At one point, Fancy Nancy was my inspiration. Need examples? Here you go.








Yeah, 4-10 year old me was a dark time. It also didn’t help that I was chub-chub with awful posture. Never-the-less, I used to strive to be fabulous like Fancy Nancy. I don’t know if I achieved that, but I sure achieved something through my fashion.


The Library Project donates books to underfunded schools and orphanages in countries like Cambodia, Vietnam, and China. They also work to teach teachers and students with literary activities. To date, they have directed 1,800 projects and trained 20,000 librarians! It’s an incredible organization, and they even have a landing page for bloggers! To find out more information and how to donate, you can click on the blue highlighted words above.



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