North Texas Teen Book Festival: Overview

Hi everyone! This past weekend I had the pleasure of attending The North Texas Teen Book Festival in Irving, TX. It was so much fun; it was definitely one of the best weekends of my life. This post is just an overview of some pictures and the things I did. Let’s begin! (All the bloggers/booktubers I mention will be linked at the end!)


Friday was Educator’s day, but they had an author luncheon that was open to the public. The authors at the luncheon were Sarah Dessen, Ruta Sepetys, and E. Lockhart. I met up with my friend, Avery, to go to the event. As we were sitting in the lobby, we saw Marie Lu walk in and I started freaking out. I wanted to go and ask for a picture, but I was too shy to go up to her. We went inside and sat at a table close to the front (closest to the reserve author table).

As we were sitting there, I look in the corner and Ruta Sepetys (AKA ONE OF MY FAVORITE AUTHORS) is standing in the corner. Avery and I went over to talk to Ruta, and she was absolutely adorable. If you ever have the chance to meet Ruta, please seize your opportunity because she’s absolutely brilliant. Avery and I got a picture with her.


We finally got the courage to take a picture with Marie Lu, so here’s my picture with Marie:


I was able to get my entire Legend trilogy signed by her the next day. I didn’t get a chance to talk to her during the signing because there wasn’t enough time.

After getting a picture with Marie, I sat down to start eating. It was a few minutes into eating when I spotted blue hair. I looked over at the table where Marie Lu is sitting. There, in the flesh, is Ms. Holly Black. I began freaking out, desperately wanting a picture. I didn’t want to interrupt her visiting and eating.

The luncheon began and it was fantastic. The authors all told funny and touching anecdotes. It was just an overall good time. The three went to the back to sign, but I waited a bit because I wanted one thing: I picture with Holly Black.

I actually was able to get a picture with Holly *celebration*. I sadly didn’t get to meet her the next day because the signing line was way too long. One thing: HER HAIR IS AMAZING. It’s such an amazing hair color.IMG_0355


After this, I went back to meet Ruta, E. Lockhart, and Sarah. I told Ruta that she needed to listen to Hamilton. (Also, I may or may not be interviewing Ruta on my blog soon.. Updates to come). My mom discussed curly hair products with Sarah, and I expressed my love for We Were Liars to E. Lockhart. Here are my pictures with all of them:

Sarah Dessen


E. Lockhart


Ruta Sepetys



I started out Saturday running on coffee and three hours of sleep. Surprisingly, I (and my phone battery!) made it through the day. I sat with Naya (Nayareadsandsmiles) at the Middle Grade Keynote with Holly Black.

Whitney (whittynovels) and Emily (blueeyedbiblio)

Can we just appreciate Emily’s banana?

sat with us during the School Days; School Days panel with Ally Carter, E. Lockhart, and many others. They talked about their fantasies of boarding school and just everything school related. After that panel, we met up with Lizzie (Lizzielovesbooks) and went to a panel called Tick Tock with Jodi Meadows, James, Dashner, Victoria Scott, and a few more. The moderator didn’t try to control the authors, which resulted in an absolutely hilarious panel. The authors just bantered back and forth; it was great.

Naya and I went downstairs to get in line for ticketed authors. (In order to meet Marie Lu, James Dashner, or Gayle Foreman; you had to pick up tickets). I received tickets for Marie Lu. Naya and I rushed back upstairs to get to The Book Boyfriends panel with Ally Carter, Julie Murphy, Sarah Dessen, Jessica Brody, and Amy Spalding.


(Left to Right) Me, Wren, Avery, Sarah, Lizzie

Lizzie, Wren, and I ate lunch outside. We talked about books and authors and all things book related. The weather was really nice too.

Naya, Whitney, and Emily had a booktube panel, so we went into the room; it was packed. Lizzie, Avery (averyreadsalot), and I had to fight to get seats. Avery attended a panel where she received ARCs, but she already had the ARC. She gave both of the books to Lizzie and I (THANKS AGAIN, AVERY IF YOU ARE READING THIS. I AM FOREVER IN DEBT TO YOU). In the panel room, I was able to finally meet Sarah. Whitney, Naya, and Emily (plus another booktuber named Alberto) slayed the panel. It had awesome tips for starting your own booktube channel. We then went to the first level to hang out. I snuck my way into all their vlogs so look out for me 🙂IMG_0674

As we were standing there, I noticed a giant line starting to form. Lizzie, Avery, Wren, Sarah, and I stood in the line when we discovered it was for the signings. The line was absolute pandemonium because of the amount of people. My back hurt from the books in my backpack. The signings started at 3:30, and I finally got into the signing area around 3:45. I met the following authors from 3:45-5:

  • Marie Lu
  • Adam Silvera
  • Julie Murphy
  • Beth Revis
  • Ally Carter
  • Cynthia Hand
  • Brodi Ashton
This is all the swag I received minus a beauty pageant sash from Julie Murphy

Then, my mom and I went to Starbucks. It was such a fantastic weekend. I got to meet many authors, and I was able to meet many book blogger/booktuber friends which was amazing. Here are all the lovely people I mentioned in this post:








North Texas Teen Book Festival was so much fun, and I can’t wait until next year. Did any of you go to NTTBF? If not, have you been to any other book festivals/conventions? Let me know down below! Thank you to the NTTBF team and all the authors for such a phenomenal festival. Thanks for reading, and I’ll see you guys soon!




3 thoughts on “North Texas Teen Book Festival: Overview

  1. Great review! I also attended and agree that the signing lines were insanity. Maybe they should split the authors into different signing areas/floors like last year, or at least spread them out more. It was frightful and terrifying to be in line to get into the signing area.


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