Why I’m a Gryffindor//Discussion Post

Like many Harry Potter fans, I took the recent pottermore quiz to find out my ‘true’ Hogwarts house. To be completely honest, it put me through a bit of an identity crisis. Since reading the series in 2014, I’ve classified myself as a Gryffindor (basically because the Golden Trio was in Gryffindor). My results appeared on my laptop; I was a Slytherin. I frantically texted my friend: “Mikayla!” I typed. “I’M A SLYTHERIN. I’VE ALWAYS THOUGHT I WAS A GRYFFINDOR.” She sent me back a message saying she could see how I’m a Slytherin. 

I’ve taken several house quizzes on various platforms. I’ve gotten all the houses (except for Hufflepuff). I’m quite ambitious like a Slytherin; I’m pretty creative and (I’d like to think) intelligent like a Ravenclaw. Despite all those things, I’m also determined like a Gryffindor. Here’s what I believe: 

Everyone is a Gryffindor

Bravery is actually quite subjective. Bravery takes many different forms. One person’s brave act may be going skydiving. Another’s might be getting up and performing on a stage; Someone else’s may be getting out of bed. No one’s act of bravery is bigger than another’s. Being brave is personal. “So…what does this have to do with your Hogwart’s house, Liv?”

Gryffindor’s are the Divergents of the Hogwarts houses. Example: The Golden Trio. Ron has the characteristics of a Hufflepuff; Hermione has the characteristics of a Ravenclaw. Harry has the traits of a Slytherin, but the three all belong to Gryffindor. I have the traits of Ravenclaw and Slytherin. I call myself a Gryffindor because it’s a fantastic house. Gryffindors tend to be lovely people; They stand up for what they believe. To be honest, I’m more of an Aspiring Gryffindor than a full Gryffindor. No matter what your house is, I believe we all should strive to be what a Gryffindor stands for. So, what is my Hogwarts house? Gryffindor. I am a Gryffindor, and I’m dang proud of it. 

Which Hogwarts house do you belong in? Let me know down below! 




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