Why do We Like Harry Potter So Much?//Discussion Post

Almost everyone’s reading journey began with one book series: Harry Potter. Almost everyone knows what Hogwarts house they belong to. (Psst: I’m a gryffindor. Look at my other discussion post). Book series after were sometimes loosely based off of Harry Potter. The fanbase around HP had me thinking: why do we like Harry Potter so much?

**BEFORE YOU THROW ROCKS AT ME** This post is in favor of Harry Potter. 

1. The Memories Attached To It

Like I said above, many people’s book origin was with Harry Potter. I didn’t read it until I was in 7th grade, so my book origin doesn’t lie within the pages of HP. However, my memories with Harry Potter are just as special never-the-less. I went to bed at 11 every night and woke up around 5 am just to read. I was in a house full of nine people; it was hard to catch a quiet room. My little cousin would also steal my book if I tried to read. I also started crying on an airplane during Half-Blood Prince. No Shame. 

2. The World 

The entire world of Harry Potter is so beautiful. I remember when I first started the series, I tried to memorize the world. “Okay, quidditch is the sport they play.” I would repeat key ideas in HP, so I can attempt to memorize them. By the end of the series, the world was so effortless. I could name all the Defense Against The Dark Arts teachers. If you are ever bored, search Harry Potter Hidden Facts. The world of Harry Potter is so complex and beautiful; I think that’s one of the reasons why we love this series. 

3. The Writing *heart eyes*

If you haven’t read Harry Potter (why?), then you should know that this series is definitly worth the hype. J.K. Rowling is such a talented writer, and Harry Potter is the best example. The word structure is so beautiful and IT’S JUST SO GOOD. 

4. The Offspring 

Pottermore, Merchandise, Fanfiction, Movies, Video Games, Youtube Videos, Organizations, Amusement parks, etc. Those are just several things that have been started because of Harry Potter. If you like Harry Potter, great because everyone else in the world loves it like you do. It’s easy to express your love for the wizarding world through all the things I listed above.

So, why do you like Harry Potter? How did you find out about Harry Potter? -Liv


6 thoughts on “Why do We Like Harry Potter So Much?//Discussion Post

  1. When I was younger I was always scared of Harry Potter because the scene in the first movie where Harry and Draco are in The Forbidden Forest at night. About 4 years ago my mom made me read the books because we were going to go to Universal Studios. I fell in love with Harry Potter.


  2. Harry Potter is so special to me because it’s the series that I really grew up with. It’s the first series I remember keeping track of release dates for, and for every birthday I got the latest Harry Potter, and I was just hooked. Then with the films, you watch this entire world come to life and it’s often how you imagined, if not better. The world building is incredible, and whenever I reread them I’m caught by how intricate and detailed it is as a world – and it all started in someone’s head?! Incredible. Great post, Liv, I love it 🙂


  3. i loooove this post!! harry potter is really special to me, and i’m glad to see that it’s special to other people as well. i read the series when i was ten, though i’ve reread it a thousand times after, it’s still so so so good. thanks for writing such an amazing post!! ❤


  4. I was first introduced to Harry Potter through the movies when I was five and had no idea how many movies and books I was in for. It inspired me to write and grew my passion for fantasy. The world is amazing and tangible. It touches so many people and I hope those people who haven’t read Harry Potter will give it a shot. It was so much of my childhood, I can’t imagine what it would’ve been like without Harry Potter.


  5. I was in 4th grade when the first book was released. Although I read the books later. What got me hooked was the writing, the characters, and the world itself. I love the books and movies because of how creative and imaginative they are. I love how I can immerse myself into the story. They’re also some of the most fun books to read.

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