I Met Dan And Phil (and other post-TATINOF thoughts)

If you don’t follow me on Twitter, then you may not know that my favorite Youtubers are Dan and Phil. I’ve loved their videos for about a year and a half. I discovered both of their videos at the best time in my life (I suppose. I’ll explain in a bit). Here’s an overview of my day at The Amazing Tour is Not On Fire. I attended the show on June 10th in Austin, TX.

So, my day started out a bit rocky. I woke up and tried to eat a cliff bar. I then puked it up. Blaming it on nerves, I just accepted that I was nervous. I tried to eat yogurt and that didn’t go well either. Thankfully I took a nap then I felt better.

Before I had to go to the venue, my internet friend Marion cIMG_1849ouldn’t check into her hotel yet. So, I was able to meet her in the lobby of my hotel. It always amazes me to see my friends in real life; it’s such a good feeling. Right after she left, I went back to my hotel room to get ready because I had to get ready to meet Dan and Phil.

I got to the venue at about 3:20 and waited in the Texas heat. Which, if you aren’t from Texas, means very hot. I met up with a friend and made two friends while standing in line.
While we were waiting in the VIP room, I spotted one of my favorite merch workers (I follow her on Twitter) named Juliet. My friends and I talked to her for quite a bit of time which was really nice. After we endlessly waited the time finally came. (Here’s a video of them walking into the VIP room). I was the fifth or sixth person in line to meet them. I’m not going to goIMG_1858 into full details of my meetIMG_1866.JPGing with them. Although I didn’t say anything really memorable, I want to keep it treasured 🙂 But, oh my gosh, they are so pretty in real life. And they smell really good.

After I met Dan and Phil, I went to the merch area where I also got to meet Phil’s brother’s girlfriend…(It sounds really weird, but she is well-known in the phandom). Her name was Cornelia and she was also really sweet.

After the meet & greet, I met up with a bunch of my friends. I’m in a group chat with many other people who went to the show. Since TATINOF, I’ve talked to them constantly since the show and it was so great seeing them. Here are some pictures of us all together:


I can’t give spoilers for the show because Dan and Phil specifically asked the fans to not spoil it. However, I can honestly say that their show was one of the best stage productions I’ve seen/will ever see…and I have Hamilton tickets. I love their videos and them so much that the show was just like a 90-minute version of their videos.

Honestly, I hope everyone has their own TATINOF. I don’t mean the literal show because not everyone likes Dan and Phil and (that is okay). What I mean by that is the feeling that it brought me. Being in the venue was such a comforting feeling. It was one of the only places where I felt universally loved and accepted. Everyone I talked to was so genuinely nice and caring.  IMG_1871My seat in the theater was to the very far left so I couldn’t see any of the left-hand side of the stage. At certain parts where Dan was on the left-hand side of the stage, the girls next to me (who were complete strangers to me before the show) would pull me across their seats so I could see a bit more of the stage.

I first discovered Dan and Phil’s videos around February of 2015. I heard about Dan and Phil for the longest time through Instagram posts and Pinterest. One day I decided that I would look up one oIMG_1878f them; I would look up ‘AmazingPhil’. I’m so glad I did.

Over the past year (and four months), Dan and Phil’s videos have become a bit of an escape for me. To be honest, I don’t really have very many friends in real life. I’ve geographically moved away from most of them and many have forgotten about me due to different life paths. Dan and Phil, in my mind, seem like friends to me. They make me laugh when I’m inexplicably lonely. They’ve been huge inspirations to me and who I am as a person. I’ve learned how to care about the ones I love. I’ve learned how to be an overall better person. These two British nerds have created this world together, and I’m so incredibly proud. I’m not the only fan of theirs who feels like this; to many people, like myself, Dan and Phil’s videos are one of the only things that make them happy. I’m not saying that Dan and Phil ‘saved’ me, but I’m saying that I would be a very different person if they weren’t in my life. I’ve met some amazing people through their videos. I’ve grown closer to my childhood best friend through their videos. I’m forever thankful for the friends and the experiences I have because of Dan and Phil and the fanbase they’ve created.

The Amazing Tour Is Not On Fire was honestly the best day of my life. I miss it terribly, and I sincerely hope I can meet Dan and Phil again someday. If you guys want to see my more photos of the day, you can look on my Twitter.






13 thoughts on “I Met Dan And Phil (and other post-TATINOF thoughts)

  1. You were so lucky that you got to meet them! They didn’t come where I live, so I couldn’t see them… Honestly, I love Dan and Phil so much. They have changed my life, and were my inspiration to start blogging.


  2. Ahhh that was great! It’s so nice to see that everyone else who went to the show felt so at home, just like I did! And ahhhh you met them! I wanted to, but decided not to because I thought I would just embarrass myself forever. Thanks for sharing!


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