Gracie’s Song by Michelle Schlicher {Book Review}

(I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. This in no way affects my opinion).

*Trigger Warning for physical abuse and mental abuse*

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“Everything can be undone.” That’s what someone tells Gracie Brannen, but she’s doubtful. After graduation, she walked away from everyone she knew with barely a word. Ten years later, she’s back. Even as familiar places and faces bring back old pain, Gracie finds hope in rebuilding old ties and forging new ones. Maybe everything can’t be undone, but perhaps everything can be overcome.

I actually went into Gracie’s Song with pretty low expectations. I was very happy when it turned out to be an absolutely beautiful book. This novel follows the story of a girl name Gracie as she goes back to her home town. Her hometown is like many where once you go, you never leave. Gracie finally returns for a visit after her mother passes away. No one knows why she left: her sister, her best friend, even her childhood best friend/high school sweetheart doesn’t know.

Gracie’s Song is told primarily in flashbacks which is an element I really enjoyed. Gracie’s broken past is slowly revealed to the readers throughout the story. The novel was very heartbreaking yet heartwarming. The writing is quite simplistic yet beautiful. This book took me forever to read because I had it on my phone, but when I would read I would read for hours upon end because the story really engrosses you. This book isn’t a typical contemporary novel, and I really appreciated the originality. I really enjoyed Gracie’s Song, and I hope to read more of Michelle’s novels in the future.

So, what do I rate Gracie’s Song?

★★★★★/5 Stars

Are you guys interested in reading Gracie’s Song? 



2 thoughts on “Gracie’s Song by Michelle Schlicher {Book Review}

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