June Wrap-Up

Hi everyone! Welcome to my June Wrap-up!  I had a really awful reading month. I fell into a reading slump early in the month. In the month of June, I read three books. There will be a list of them along with a link to the review I wrote about each one (if I wrote a review). Let’s get started!


Books I Read in The Month of June

  • Salt and Stone by Victoria Scott ★★★★/5
  • Gracie’s Song by Michelle   ★★★★★ /5 [Link]
  • The Amazing Book is Not on Fire by Dan Howell and Phil Lester  ★★★★★/5 (re-read)

What Did I Do in The Month of June? 

  • I met Dan and Phil at The Amazing Tour is not on Fire in Austin, TX on June 10th. Read my discussion post about the event here!
  • I received my very first book to review from a publisher! I received 100 Days of Cake from Simon & Schuster.
  • My best friend visited me, and we spent a week watching YouTube and watching anime. It was so much fun 🙂

What’s In-Store For July?

  • I get to see one of my internet friends again 🙂
  • I’m seeing my favorite band, Twenty One Pilots, in concert on the 8th.
  • I’m going on a family vacation to Washington D.C. in the middle of the month.
    • ALSO!!! While I’m on vacation, I will have a few bloggers guest posting for me! I could always use more, so if you would like to please DM me on Twitter, comment on this post, or email me at curlyhairbibliophile@gmail.com!

What Books (might) I Be Reading in July?

  • ??? I have no clue.

How was your reading month in June? Did you have any cool book events you went to? Thanks for reading!



3 thoughts on “June Wrap-Up

  1. Congratulations on getting your first ARC to review! That’s so exciting! And don’t worry about having a small reading slump. It happens to the best of us. I hope you’ve been reading great books so far in July!


  2. I had a pretty great reading month! It helped that I took part in two reading challenges and CRUSHED THEM. I also went to a couple book signing, including one last night! I hope your July gives you more reading time (and motivation!)


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