IRL is Better For Talking To Blogger Friends {Guest Post by TheLitaku}

Hi everyone! During the month of July, I will be on vacation. Because of this I decided to invite a few book bloggers onto my blog to write some guest posts. They have amazing jobs on the posts. Today, I’d like you all to welcome Wren from The Litaku. Take it away, Wren!

Hi! I’m Wren from The Litaku. Today, I’m your guest poster on Liv’s lovely blog. (Almost alliteration! Almost!)
You may or may not know that Liv and I have met before. We met originally at NTTBF 2016. Which was a lot of fun by the way. It’s great being able to meet your blogger friends. (Even though I hadn’t met any of the people I met there before.) It’s different being able to talk to these people in real life.
Blogging seems like such a distant sort of hobby. You might never meet any of your friends. But people have. At YALLFest or YALLWest or BEA or ALA. You can see the people behind the profile picture. It’s great. You get to connect on a deeper level. (Even though you might be more open online than in real life.)

Here are three reasons why meeting your blogger friends IRL (in real life) is AWESOME:

1) You can hug them. 

Digital hugs only on a part of the way. Imagine being able to touch your friend. Caress their cheek. Well, that’s going a bit far, but you get the gist. Physical contact is almost known as a happiness booster. Or so I recall…

2) Fangirling is so much more fun in real life

You can actually freak the flip out with them. For real. Finally. Doesn’t that sound great?

3) Live reactions

Instead of a delayed, ‘does-this-sound-right’ sort of thing, you can get the full reaction. All the smiles and cringes glore. I mean…I would love to see one of my friends laugh at my jokes. And see their actual reaction compared to ‘LOL. Haha.’ See? A complete difference.
So, overall, meeting your blogger buddies (ALLITERATION!) in real life is 6x the awesome compared to online interactions. I can only hope to meet some of my blogger buddies. One day! (Maybe even at BEA17! I can dream…)
What do you think? Have you meet any of your blogger friends? And if so, how was it?
About Me:
Wren-kun is your local hoodie demon. All offerings can be made out to The Cave. Anime stuff, books, and hoodies preferred. Food and snacks accepted.
Wren enjoys long binge-watching sessions of anime and cute, tsundere-esque manifestations of countries (Romano for life.) Books are Wren’s second life. Especially ones about badass heroes kicking butt and saving the world. (Or ones about normal people with normal people problems. There’s a spectrum of genres Wren likes.)
You can normally find Wren hiding in the dark with only the only source of light the glow from the laptop’s screen. Or drawing awkward characters or writing awkward characters. Awkward, right?
And Wren is tired of talking about Wrenself in the third person, you know?

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