Why You Should Be Following Teens in the YA Community (+List of Teens You Should Be Following)

Recently, there’s been talk about teens in the online YA community and their safety. Even in a community based on books geared towards teenagers, teens are still feeling unwelcomed. Taryn from novelparadise recently held a poll on Twitter asking the age of members of the YA Twitter community. The results are, well, a bit surprising.

Note: The screenshot of the poll is with six hour and fifty-seven minutes left. Results may be slightly different by the end of it.

As you can see, 67% of 1,137 votes are over 20. Now, I know that many of the 20+ were teens when they started being involved with the community. I feel like the community needs to open up and be more welcoming to the new teens. It’s especially important for writers to listen and learn from teens. After all, they are writing books that are targeted for us.

If you are 20+ and you love YA, that is AWESOME. Young Adult is a diverse, growing genre that can be enjoyed by any age. However, don’t forget who YA is made for. It is made for teens. For that reason, it is important to listen to us when we talk about Young Adult.

Do you think you don’t follow enough teens (13-19)? Want *a few* recommendations?

My hand’s hurting from so much copying and pasting! Thank you to everyone who submitted their link! Are you a teen and want to be included in this list? Send me a DM on Twitter or leave your link in the comments!

Why do you think it’s important to follow teens in the YA community? Have you checked out any of the blogs listed yet? Do you have any new favorites?



9 thoughts on “Why You Should Be Following Teens in the YA Community (+List of Teens You Should Be Following)

  1. Well, I think there is a difference between feeling “unwelcome” and feeling “unsafe,” thought I certainly don’t want anyone in the community to feel either. Sometimes I wonder if it’s less an age of the blogger and more an age of the blog thing; people who may have started as teens but have been in the community for five years and have large followings are just naturally going to have prominent voices in the community, more so than someone who started blogging six months ago. I’ll have to check out some of these blogs, though!


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