Traveling Books: What Is It and How To Host One

Hello, everyone! I’m sure you’ve seen the phrase ‘traveling book’ thrown around online. You may be wondering what exactly that is. So, what is a traveling book? A traveling book is one book that is sent around to a number of people (the number can be however many you want!). Each reader can write, highlight, doodle, etc. inside the book. As someone who has been a part of one book and hosting one right now, I thought it would be fun to give my advice on how to do it. Let’s get started!

Hosting a Traveling Book

1. Decide which book you’re going to do

Personally, I would recommend a short/medium size contemporary to use as a traveling book. Contemporaries are generally short, easy reads which are good if there are people in your Traveling Book’s path that aren’t very fast readers.

2. Decide who your book is going to go to

I would recommend sending the book to Twitter mutuals/close friends. Basically, I would send it to people who you can hold accountable.

3. If you have a time limit, send it out 4-6 months in advance

Allowing 4-6 months for the book helps give it commute time and the ability for everyone to read it. By time limit; I mean if you’re giving it to the author at an upcoming signing, if you want the author to sign it when you meet them, etc. Pretty much, as far in advance as you can, the better.

4. Keep track of the book during its travels

Regularly check in to see where your book is. Possibly make a groupchat of everyone that the book will go to.

5. Ask everyone to be rather minimal with their commentaries

Depending on how many people you’re sending it to, ask everyone to be light with their notes and highlights. You want everyone to be able to give their opinions, and they can’t if three readers’ notes take up most of the book.

6. When you finally get the book back, read through the notes

It’s so much fun to read through the comments. In the traveling book I’m hosting, some of the readers even doodled in the margins.

Have you ever participated in a traveling book? Did you even know what it was before this post? Do you have anymore questions about traveling books? Leave them in the comments, and I’ll try to reply!



19 thoughts on “Traveling Books: What Is It and How To Host One

  1. This sounds like something I’m hosting right now called a Round Robin! Except instead of just one book going out, everyone sends one and it makes kind of a chain/circle until your book gets back to you… complete with everyone’s annotations!

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  2. Hey there! It’s Nicka from Read by Nicka dropping by 🌻

    This is a great idea! We actually host blog tours here some sort like this concept because we only have 1 ARC to go around bloggers 😂😅 great post!

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