August Wrap-Up

Hello everyone! We’ve made it to September! *Pumpkin Spice Lattes increase*. I hope you all had a wonderful last month of summer. Sadly, I only read three books this month. However, I had an incredibly busy month as you’ll see by my ‘What Did I Do In The Month of July’. Let’s get into what I did and read in August!

Books I Read in The Month of August

  • If I Was Your Girl by Meredith Russo ★★★★/5
  • Spring Awakening by Steven Sater and Duncan Sheik ★★★★/5
  • The Color of Water by James McBride ★★★★/5

What Did I Do In The Month of August?

  • I visited New York City to see Great comet with Gretchen from chicnerdreads! It was so much fun. Great Comet is my ultimate favorite musical, and I was so glad to see it live finally. You can see some of my pictures on this blog post! Click Here!
  • I flew to Oklahoma! My mom and I needed to help my brother move in for college, so we went with him.
  • While we were in Oklahoma, we saw Ed Sheeran in concert 🙂
  • I started school! I’m trying to get adjusted to the new school year, but I’m really liking my new school so far.
  • ALSO: I’m selling some of my slightly used belongings on Depop. If you’re interested, this is the link to get to my online store!
  • ALSO PT. 2: I’m trying to win a competition to get Miss Saigon on Broadway tickets. For every person that clicks on my link, I get points. You literally can just open the link, and exit out of it right away; it just takes you to the Miss Saigon website. Click Here For My Link!

What’s In-Store for September? 

  • I’m volunteering at a theatre Sept. 9th! They needed help painting and organizing, so I thought it’d be fun!
  • I’m seeing a local production of Addams Family on Sept. 30th! It’s a dinner theatre, so I’m really excited to see how it’s done.

What (Might) I Be Reading In September?

  • Genuine Fraud by E. Lockhart
  • 27 Hours by Tristina Wright

What did you do in the month of August? Did you read anything you really enjoyed? What do you have coming up in September?



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