Authors I’m Excited to Meet at NTTBF

It’s almost time for one of my favorite events: NTTBF. NTTBF is the North Texas Teen Book Festival in Irving, TX. It’s a completely free book festival; I am attending this year! If you’re going and you see me, please say hello! I love interacting with fellow booklovers. They have over eighty authors this year; In today’s post, I’m going to be talking about some of the authors I’m excited to meet.

1. Adam Silvera

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you may remember that I have already met Adam last year at NTTBF16. He was one of the sweetest human beings on this planet. I’m hoping to be able to meet him again this year to have him sign my copy of History is All You Left Me.

2. Jennifer Niven

At this point, All The Bright Places is a staple YA book that is fairly common. I loved her second book, Holding Up The Universe, just as much as I loved her first one. I’ve been waiting for years for her to do an event near me, and she is finally going to be near me!

3. Ally Carter

I met Ally last year because she’s my best friend’s favorite author, so I could get her a signed copy. Now that I’ve read most of her Gallagher Girls series, I want to meet her again to have my copies signed.

4. Heidi Helig

For the longest time, I always saw Heidi’s tweets on my timeline because my friends would retweet them. Eventually, I followed her and received her The Girl From Everywhere for Christmas from my brother. I read TGFE and loved it.

5. Nicola Yoon

Nicola Yoon is one of my favorite YA authors ever. I read Everything Everything a few years ago. Even though it has been known to have ableist themes, I can’t deny it doesn’t because I am able-bodied. Despite this, I still liked it. However, I loved Nicola’s The Sun Is Also A Star a lot. Nicola Yoon has done three different book signings in Dallas since I’ve lived here; I’ve missed all three of them. I’m happy to finally be able to meet her.

6. Maggie Stiefvater

Confession: I haven’t any of Maggie’s books. However, (as of 2/27/17) I’m starting The Raven Boys. I’m really enjoying it even though I’m only a few pages in it. I’m hoping to finish The Raven Boys before the festival.

7. Angie Thomas

One of my most anticipated releases for 2017 is The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas. I’ve been following this book for several months, and I’m highly anticipating its release. My copy will arrive a few days before the festival, and I’m excited to get me copy signed.

Of course, there are several more authors that I’m hoping to meet. The festival only gives an hour and a half to get books signed. I’m bringing a few extra books for authors to sign just incase I have extra time.

Are you attending the North Texas Teen Book Festival? If you are, what are some authors you want to meet? 



Conquering Broadway: Getting Tickets, Seeing The Show(s), and Stage Dooring

Hey guys! Today, I bring you a post that isn’t exactly book related. A few days ago, I went to New York City on a family vacation. While we were there, I saw Waitress and Hamilton. I am by no way an expert on Broadway, but I thought I could share my experiences and advice I’ve received.

Getting The Tickets

So, you want to see a Broadway show?  One thing about the theatres is that they are anywhere between 1,000-2,000 seats. The theatres are quite small, so you can’t go wrong with where you get seats. For both Hamilton and Waitress, I was in Mezzanine (the very top section aka the cheapest section). I could see the shows perfectly. If you prefer being closer, the prices are higher than in the back. The sooner you can buy your tickets, the better. That way you’ll have more pricing options. Depending on the show, there are different ways that you have to get tickets. These aren’t all the ways you can get tickets but these are just a few methods.

ALIOLn8P.jpg1. Buying From Ticketmaster

If the show isn’t sold out, you can buy the tickets from Ticketmaster. Buying tickets directly from Ticketmaster is the safest route because you won’t have a chance to be
scammed. Hamilton will even release new batches of tickets. (Keep checking @HamiltonMusical on Twitter, and they will announce when they are about to release).

2. Buying From Resale Websites

Buying from resale websites like StubHub is one way to get tickets. However, I would probably recommend this option the least. It’s the most expe
nsive option (the prices are at least triple the face value price).

3. Lottery

Many shows have a lottery you can enter. For the lottery, you enter to win one to two tickets for a show. If you win, you pay a small amount (anywhere between $10-$40). Seeing the show with this method isn’t guaranteed but at least you have a chance!

4. Cancellation Line

If you have never heard of cancellation line, let me give you a quick run down. Basically, cancellation line is where you can get in a line to have a chance to buy tickets that people had cancelled last minute. You have to get there early and wait, but you get pretty good seats for a reasonable price.

Seeing The Show

YsagB0jx.jpg1. Arrive About 45 Mins Early

Doors to the theatre generally open about 30 minutes before the time of the show. Most of the time people line up outside of the theatre. You could honestly get there 5 minutes before th
e show and still be fine. Getting there early allows you to find your seats, go to the restroom, and maybe buy a drink or some merchandise.

2. Don’t Use Your Phone at All During It

I’m. Serious. Not only does it distracts you from the show, but it distracts the people around you just as much. The lady next to my mom at Hamilton sent a text during Story of Tonight and I almost crawled across the seat to yell at her. Luckily, my mom *politely* asked her to stop, and thankfully she did. Avoid the problem all together and just turn off your phone until intermission.

3. Use The Bathroom Before You Get in The Theatre

During intermission, both the men and women’s bathrooms had lines that went out the door and wrapped around. Try to avoid the bathrooms unless you desperately need to use it.

4. You Don’t Have to Dress Upeditted

Broadway shows are *mostly* seen by tourists. That being said, there is no dress code for Broadway shows. I wore a dress for both Hamilton and Waitress because I wanted to look nice. It really is up to you.

Stage Dooring

Stage Door is literally what it sounds like: it is the door to the stage. It’s the door that actors will come in and out of. After the show, actors will come out gsiIAvkp.jpgand you can get a chance to meet them. Sounds easy enough, right? Not really. I’m going to tell you some tips and tricks for having the ultimate Stage Door experience.

1. Find The Stage Door Before The Show

The door is usually by the front, and it has a sign that says it is the stage door. Finding it before the show is helpful because then you can get to it after the show is over.

2. If you know Stage Door Will Be Busy, Leave Before Curtain Fall

For example: Hamilton’s stage door is always busy. I left just as the bows were happening, and I was able to get against the barricade for Stage Door. Waitress I left after the curtain, and I was able to get a good spot.

3. Be Courteous of Those Around YouT53WO6QW.jpg

Don’t push the people around you. If you’re in the front, allow the people behind you to reach over you so they can get their playbill(s) signed. If you are in the back, ask the people politely in front of you if they could pass your playbill up to the actors. You won’t get anywhere if you get frustrated or annoyed.

4. Be Courteous to The Actors

abnkamppIt isn’t obligatory for the actors to come out of stage door. Be courteous to them! Say hello, ask how they’re doing, and tell them that they did a good job. Performing can be a difficult job, and I’m sure they would like knowing that you appreciated their hardwork. The actors are more than willing to take pictures so just ask! Stage Door can sometimes be a hit or miss. With Waitress, only three actors came out. With Hamilton, six actors came out. Just remember, as you Stage Door, that the actors are people too.
Overall, seeing a Broadway show is more fun than anything. It’s especially fun if you’ve been anticipating seeing a show for a long time. If you have any questions, leave them in the comments and I’ll be more than happy to answer them.

Have you seen any Broadway musicals? Do you want to? Which one(s) would you want to see?









Illuminae Book Signing: Meeting Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff

On May 7th, I had the pleasure of attending a book signing for Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff. They are the authors of Illuminae and Gemina (basically one of the coveted ARCS right now). They were really sweet and hilarious and this might have been one of my favorite book events I have ever attended.

I arrived about an hour and a half early, and they didn’t even have the chairs set up yet. At an hour til’, Avery (from Averyreadsalot/Averyreadsalot) came to the Barnes and Noble.2d4dd5d2-0f91-4712-9a53-03dd70d0443f We went to the event area, and there was only about twenty chairs set up. Avery and I snagged the front row which was EXTREMELY close to the table. I’m not kidding; I could reach in front of me and touch the table. After about twenty minutes, Wren ( came. Avery, Wren, and I just talked bookish things for the remainder of the wait.

Screen Shot 2016-05-08 at 9.25.07 PM.png
Picture stolen from Jay’s instagram. I’m second to the left, Avery’s next to me, and Wren’s on the floor

The panel(?) was one of the best I’ve ever heard. Mary ( moderated it, and she did such a good job. Amie and Jay were really intelligent and hilarious which made the event even better. Illuminae is written in documents and emails which is definitly not a normal way to write books. It was interesting to hear their writing process and hidden easter eggs.

The signing portion was one of the most lowkey signings I have ever been to. Since there weren’t too many of us, we just lined up whenever we felt like it. While Amie and Jay signed my book, I asked them what their hogwarts houses are. Jay is a Slytherin, and Amie is a Ravenclaw. 🙂

They were both such genuinely nice people, and I highly recommend you attend a signing of theirs if you are able to. The event was only an hour and a half which was lovely because it wasn’t exhausting like most book events. It was really calm and lovely.

Here are some more pictures from the event:


Have any of you met Amie or Jay? Do you want to?





Authors I’m Excited to Meet at NTTBF

Hi everyone! If you aren’t aware, I will be attending the North Texas Teen Book Festival in Irving, TX in ten days. I am BEYOND excited because this will be my first book festival. NTTBF is holding a contest where you can win fast passes (fast passes are things where you can skip the line for a certain number of authors). Today, I’m going to be telling you guys just five of the authors that I’m most excited to meet at #NTTBF16 as my entry for the giveaway. (Warning: The word ‘can’t wait’ and ‘loved’ will be used quite a long in this list).

1.Ruta Sepetys

I LOVED Between Shades of Gray and Salt to the Sea. Ruta has quickly become one of my favorite authors of all time, and I can’t wait to meet her.

2.James Dashner

I read The Maze Runner series last year, and I quickly fell in love with James’s writing style and his characters. I’m excited to meet James and get my entire Maze Runner series signed.

3.Victoria Aveyard

Red Queen was on my TBR list for the longest time. When I learned that Victoria would be attending NTTBF, I knew that I had to read Red Queen. I finished it this morning, and I LOVED it.

4.Marie Lu

I have been a fan of Marie Lu’s writing since seventh grade (I’m a freshman now). I recently read her second series and loved it.

5.Claudia Gray

During Christmas break of 2014, I read A Thousand Pieces of You. The cover is beautiful, and the book is equally as beautiful. I’m so excited to get ATPoY and the second book (Ten Thousand Skies Above You) signed. 

These are just five of the authors I’m excited to meet. My list includes sixteen authors I want to meet! Are any of you attending NTTBF? I’m so thrilled to attend, and I hope I recieve the fast past so I’m able to meet as many authors as I possibly can.