May Wrap-Up

Hello everyone! May is over! May felt like such a long month. Sadly, I didn’t read as many books as I would have liked to. I only read three books, but I had a very busy month. Without delay, let’s get into the month of May!

I had to return Fahrenheit 451 to my English teacher, and We Are Okay is packed in a box. My kindle represents the two missing books.

Books I Read in The Month of May

  • We Are Okay by Nina LaCour ★★★★/5
  • Violet Grenade by Victoria Scott ★★★★/5 [link]
  • Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury ★★★★/5

What Did I Do In The Month of May?

  • I turned 16! It was my birthday on May 10.
  • It was also my dad’s birthday!
  • School’s finally over! My last day was May 23.
  • I reached my goal of 1,000 Twitter followers! I actually now have 1,300 followers!
  • Two of my best friends graduated! I’m so proud of them :).

What’s In-Store for June? 

  • I’m going to London! I’ll be gone June 5-12. I’ve been saving up for this trip since I was eleven.
  • I’m going to a book signing in Irving, TX on June 15! I’ll be very jet lagged, but I wouldn’t miss it! It’s a panel with authors like Stephanie Garber and Kayla Olson.
  • I’m moving to Pennsylvania. We’re moving around June 26. We don’t have a definite date yet!

What (Might) I Be Reading in June ?

  • The Sandcastle Empire by Kayla Olson
  • Tash Hearts Tolstory by Kathryn Ormsbee
  • Queen of Geeks by Jen Wilde

What are you planning on reading in the month of June?


Hear The Wolves by Victoria Scott {ARC Review}

I received this book from Scholastic in exchange for an honest review. 

58d7f682-d1f8-4ef9-a357-bd2b86bf03a8Sloan is a hunter.
So she shouldn’t be afraid of anything. But ever since her mom left the family and she lost hearing in one ear in a blizzard, it’s been hard to talk to people, and near-impossible to go anywhere or do anything without her dad or big sister within eyesight — it makes her too scared to be on her own.
When they leave her home alone for what should only be two nights, she’s already panicked. Then the snow starts falling and doesn’t stop. One of her neighbors is hurt in an accident. And the few people still left in Rusic need to make it to the river and the boat that’s tied there — their only way to get to a doctor from their isolated Alaska town.
But the woods are icy cold, and the wolves are hungry. Sloan and her group are running out of food, out of energy, and out of time. That’s when the wolves start hunting them . . .

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you may remember that I hosted a cover reveal for Hear The Wolves. I’m on the street team for Victoria Scott, so I was able to see the cover before it was officially released. I loved Scott’s duology, Fire & Flood. I knew that as soon as I could I would request her first middle grade novel.

With all that being said, Hear The Wolves fell a little flat for me. I really expected to absolutely adore this book; sadly, that wasn’t really the case. I’m not a big fan of survival stories. I also felt that the book felt a little too ‘not middle grade’. Let me explain: as the synopsis states, a pack of wolves begin to hunt them. Without spoiling too much, the descriptions of the wolves seem a bit too graphic for 8-12 year olds.  Honestly, I just felt very ‘meh’ throughout most of the book. The book was less than 300 pages which made it fly by rather quickly. The plot was interesting enough to continue but not enough for me to enjoy and recommend it.

Even though one of Victoria’s books disappointed me, I will continue to read her other novels. I still really enjoyed her other book, Fire & Flood. I have an e-ARC of her next book, Violet Grenade. I’m hoping I enjoy it better than I enjoyed Hear The Wolves. 

So, what do I rate Hear The Wolves


Have you read Hear The Wolves? Are you planning on it?


The Sun is Also A Star by Nicola Yoon {Book Review}

28763485Goodreads Link

Natasha: I’m a girl who believes in science and facts. Not fate. Not destiny. Or dreams that will never come true. I’m definitely not the kind of girl who meets a cute boy on a crowded New York City street and falls in love with him. Not when my family is twelve hours away from being deported to Jamaica. Falling in love with him won’t be my story.

Daniel: I’ve always been the good son, the good student, living up to my parents’ high expectations. Never the poet. Or the dreamer. But when I see her, I forget about all that. Something about Natasha makes me think that fate has something much more extraordinary in store—for both of us.

The Universe: Every moment in our lives has brought us to this single moment. A million futures lie before us. Which one will come true?

Before I start my review, can we appreciate how beautiful the cover is? When ARCs were first being released, I was so dumbfounded by how beautiful this book was in pictures. It is even more beautiful in person. Seriously, this book deserves all the heart eyes emojis. Inside and out.

Nicola Yoon’s writing style is one of my favorites. Her books are told with basic/simplistic writing while still being ‘artsy’ and poetic. Everything, Everything and The Sun is Also A Star are both fairly easy reads. The chapters are short which makes it easy to fly through.The Sun is Also A Star could be a very fast read. I say ‘could be’ because I was slowly getting over a reading slump while reading it. The book does a nice job of grasping you from the start and doesn’t let you go until the final page. The majority of the story takes place over a 12 hour time period. However, none of the plot or character development felt rushed or out of place.

This story is told in multiple POVs. It is primarily told by the two protagonists: Natasha and Daniel. Once in a while, the story will trail off and tell exposition on an event, character, or an item. One of the main reasons why I LOVED The Sun is Also A Star is because it is #ownvoices. If you don’t know what #ownvoices is or why it’s important, I recommend you check out this video by Whitney from WhittyNovels. Nicola Yoon always includes diverse characters in her novels which is one of the reasons why I love her books so much. Daniel is Korean; Natasha is Jamaican. During the course of the book, you learn about each of their families and their cultures. Overall, The Sun is Also A Star deals with topics such as discrimination, racism, and deportation with grace while ripping your hear into a million pieces.

So, what do I rate The Sun Is Also A Star



The Princess Saves Herself in This One by Amanda Lovelace {Book Review}


Goodreads Link

“ah, life-
the thing
that happens
to us
while we’re off
somewhere else
blowing on
& wishing
ourselves into
the pages of
our favorite
fairy tales.”

a poetry collection divided into four different parts: the princess, the damsel, the queen, & you. the princess, the damsel, & the queen piece together the life of the author in three stages, while you serves as a note to the reader & all of humankind. explores life & all of its love, loss, grief, healing, empowerment, & inspirations.

A month or two ago, in the book community, there was a an event that triggered a huge discussion about diversity. When that happened, I wanted to make myself read more diverse books. I heard about this book and instantly fell in love with it. Even if you don’t think poetry is for you, you will still love this book. It’s hard to review a book like this because of how personal it is. There were many poems in here that I could (sadly) relate to. Honestly, all I can say is you need to read this book. No matter who you are, you need to read this book. It’s been almost a month since I read this book, and I still can’t string together words to describe how much I love this poetry book.

So, what do I rate The Princess Saves Herself in This One



Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children {Movie Review}

missperegrineposterWhen his beloved grandfather leaves Jake clues to a mystery that spans different worlds and times, he finds a magical place known as Miss Peregrine’s School for Peculiar Children. But the mystery and danger deepen as he gets to know the residents and learns about their special powers – and their terrifying enemies. Ultimately, Jake discovers that only his own special peculiarity can save his new friends. Based on the novel “Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children,” written by Ransom Riggs.
I went into the 7:30 p.m. showing of Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children with very low expectations. I had seem some tweets saying that it was a waste of time (etc. etc.). However, I did end up liking it more than I did. If you don’t know, Miss Peregrine’s is one of my favorite books of all time. I have read the first and second book twice. I am very protective over this world and the characters. In the best way possible, I believe that this adaption is the best it could have been. No other director would have kept the idea of Miss Peregrine’s entirety. Tim Burton was completely qualified to take on the task of adapting the book. The acting in the movie was surprisingly well done. I figured that, because it is a primarily youth cast, the acting wouldn’t be the best. I was pleasantly surprised with good acting. The sets and costuming were also done very well. With all that being said, this movie was not flawless.
One of the big immediate changes is some of the peculiars’ powers. Emma and Olive’s powers were switched (Emma had the power to float; Olive had the power of fire). Throughout the movie, I was trying to find a reason for the switching. I really couldn’t find a solid reason. Also, I really felt that Burton was actively trying to get the movie to pass the two hour mark. The first hour and forty-five minutes were solid. Changes here and there but other than that it was a solid 8/10 for me. Sadly, (without spoiling anything) the last bit of time felt very pushed. The movie could have really done without the last forty minutes. With that being said, Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children was a solid adaption. Tim Burton added his own flair to certain parts of the movie. It reminded me of how The Maze Runner was done: plot changes but it still worked as a whole. So…was it like the book? No. Was it still good? Yes.
Have you read Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children? Do you want to see the movie?






Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Soundtracks/Albums I Adore

Top Ten Tuesday (2).png

Hey guys! This week’s Top Ten Tuesday theme is ‘All About Audio freebie’. Today, I thought I’d list some of my favorite albums/soundtracks. I can’t wait to share these with you; let’s get started!

1. Vessel by Twenty One Pilots

Let’s start out with a classic. If you don’t know, I love Twenty One Pilots. A lot. Vessel is my favorite album of theirs.

2. Spring Awakening spring_awakening

Spring Awakening is my best friend’s favorite musical. So naturally, I had to look it up. I thought it was good (and I watched the bootleg). Then, I became obsessed. All I have been listening to is the soundtrack. The topics in Spring Awakening are a bit taboo, so if you are not comfortable with sex, I would recommend not listening to it.

3. Hamilton

(You knew this was going to be on this list). Hamilton will ultimately be my greatest love. It was one of the first musicals that I completely fell in love with. I can sing pretty much the entire soundtrack from start to finish.

4. Sigh No More by Mumford and Sons

Confession time here: Mumford and Sons and I are always on and off. I forget about them for a long time, then I discover them again and fall in love. Sigh No More is definitely my favorite album of theirs.

5. Too Weird to Live Too Rare to Die by Panic! at the Discotoo_weird_to_live_too_rare_to_die

This answer was so hard because I was making myself narrow down my answer to only one of their albums. TWtLTRtD is my favorite album; it’s one of those albums that I could listen to endlessly and still jam out to.

6. Blurryface by Twenty One Pilots

Honestly, what do I even need to say about this? Blurryface was the first album I listened to by Twenty One Pilots. That album is the reason why I discovered them.

7. Book of Mormon (musical)

I am aware that this musical is offensive to practicing Mormons, and I completely respect that. However, I won’t deny that I love this musical very much. It’s crazy catchy, and it’s a great soundtrack to listen to when you need a pick-me-up.

8. + by Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran is one of my favorite singers of all time. His concert was the first concert I’ve ever been to (he is spectacular live). + is my favorite album of his; it contains the most songs that I have used to survive with. I’m so thankful for Ed and this wonderful album.

the_1975_album_by_the_19759. The 1975 by The 1975

I’m fairly new to The 1975, but I am already loving them so much. Out of The 1975 and I like it when you sleep for you are so beautiful yet so unaware, I think my favorite is The 1975. All of the songs make me incredibly hyped up and happy.

10. Folie à deux by Fall Out Boy

Folie à deux is my favorite album by Fall Out Boy. To me, I think it’s a really upbeat yet realistic album. The sound of Fall Out Boy in the album is also my favorite.

What are some of your favorite soundtracks/albums? Do you have some recommendations for me?-Liv


Stranger Things Book Tag

YouTuber Books (2).png

Hey guys! Like many people on the internet right now, I absolutely love Stranger Things. I finished it within a few days and was amazed by how brilliant it was. When I found out there was a book tag for it, I knew I had to do it. Today, I’m going to be doing the Stranger Things Book Tag (originally created by paperrcranes).

1. The Vanishing of Will Byers: the first book in a series that left you intrigued and slightly confused

The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer by Michelle Hodkin

The first book left me wanting more, and the second book definitely did not disappoint! I was a bit disappointed by the final book, but usually when I think of the trilogy I forget about the third book.

2. The Upside Down: a world you would never want to live in.

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

This is such a classic answer, but it’s honestly my best answer! The one thing about THG’s world is that you have no choice in it. In many other dystopians, there seems to be a bit of a choice in society (i.e. you enter the contest, etc). In The Hunger Games, you have absolutely no choice.

3. Eleven: a book you own that is somewhat damaged, but loved to pieces

Tuck Everlasting by Natalie Babbit

I have read that book over and over again. My copy has been read by myself, my mom, and my brother. It’s torn up, drawn in, and highlighted; that is probably why it’s one of my favorite books I own.

4. Mike, Lucas, and Dustin: a trilogy you always go to whenever you need a pick-me-up

Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs

Miss Peregrine‘s is such a happy place for me. The first book in particular is my favorite. I like how it’s creepy yet funny at the same time.

5. The Demogorgan: a book with a terrifying beast you wouldn’t want to face in a dark alley

Demons in Cassandra Clare’s Books

I’m a wimp. If I lived in a Cassandra Clare book, I’d see a demon and pee myself. Maybe if I had training (like the Shadowhunters do) then I probably would be fine. For now, I think I’ll hide in my room.

6. Dr. Brenner: a book with a villain who is both manipulative and dedicated

Queen Levana from The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer

Queen Levana is one of my favorite villains in YA. She’s really evil yet passionate in her craft.

7. Hawkins, Indiana: a book with a setting that’s just a little bit strange

The Darkest Minds by Alexandra Bracken

Honestly, I almost DNFed The Darkest Minds when I first read it. The setting was really crazy for me to grasp. However, I’m so glad I pushed through. I loved The Darkest Minds so much. Now that I finished all three books, I know that the world is so beautifully strange.

I Tag…


IRL is Better For Talking To Blogger Friends {Guest Post by TheLitaku}

Hi everyone! During the month of July, I will be on vacation. Because of this I decided to invite a few book bloggers onto my blog to write some guest posts. They have amazing jobs on the posts. Today, I’d like you all to welcome Wren from The Litaku. Take it away, Wren!

Hi! I’m Wren from The Litaku. Today, I’m your guest poster on Liv’s lovely blog. (Almost alliteration! Almost!)
You may or may not know that Liv and I have met before. We met originally at NTTBF 2016. Which was a lot of fun by the way. It’s great being able to meet your blogger friends. (Even though I hadn’t met any of the people I met there before.) It’s different being able to talk to these people in real life.
Blogging seems like such a distant sort of hobby. You might never meet any of your friends. But people have. At YALLFest or YALLWest or BEA or ALA. You can see the people behind the profile picture. It’s great. You get to connect on a deeper level. (Even though you might be more open online than in real life.)

Here are three reasons why meeting your blogger friends IRL (in real life) is AWESOME:

1) You can hug them. 

Digital hugs only on a part of the way. Imagine being able to touch your friend. Caress their cheek. Well, that’s going a bit far, but you get the gist. Physical contact is almost known as a happiness booster. Or so I recall…

2) Fangirling is so much more fun in real life

You can actually freak the flip out with them. For real. Finally. Doesn’t that sound great?

3) Live reactions

Instead of a delayed, ‘does-this-sound-right’ sort of thing, you can get the full reaction. All the smiles and cringes glore. I mean…I would love to see one of my friends laugh at my jokes. And see their actual reaction compared to ‘LOL. Haha.’ See? A complete difference.
So, overall, meeting your blogger buddies (ALLITERATION!) in real life is 6x the awesome compared to online interactions. I can only hope to meet some of my blogger buddies. One day! (Maybe even at BEA17! I can dream…)
What do you think? Have you meet any of your blogger friends? And if so, how was it?
About Me:
Wren-kun is your local hoodie demon. All offerings can be made out to The Cave. Anime stuff, books, and hoodies preferred. Food and snacks accepted.
Wren enjoys long binge-watching sessions of anime and cute, tsundere-esque manifestations of countries (Romano for life.) Books are Wren’s second life. Especially ones about badass heroes kicking butt and saving the world. (Or ones about normal people with normal people problems. There’s a spectrum of genres Wren likes.)
You can normally find Wren hiding in the dark with only the only source of light the glow from the laptop’s screen. Or drawing awkward characters or writing awkward characters. Awkward, right?
And Wren is tired of talking about Wrenself in the third person, you know?

My One True Love {Guest Post by LizzieLovesBooks}

Hi everyone! During the month of July, I will be on vacation. Because of this I decided to invite a few book bloggers onto my blog to write some guest posts. Today, I actually have a booktuber filling in for me! Today, I’d like you all to welcome Lizzie from LizzieLovesBooks. Take it away, Lizzie!

Hey there! My name’s Lizzie, and I’m filling in for Liv today! Liv and I met for the first time at a Marissa Meyer signing back in February, and have been bookish friends ever since! I guess I’ll tell you a couple of things about myself before I get started on today’s topic. I’m 18 years old, just graduated high school, and I make videos over on my BookTube channel, LizzieLovesBooks! I also post everyday on my bookstagram account, @lizzielovesbooks.

I started reading YA about three years ago. The Hunger Games was the first real YA novel that I read back in 2013, but shockingly enough, it was not the series that jumpstarted my adoration for reading, although it did begin my love for YA.

One day I was home sick and laying in bed, wondering what to do. I looked over at my nightstand table and saw The Lightning Thief staring back at me. I had purchased it from a book sale a couple of days before, and now thought, “Why not? I have nothing else to do, and I’ve been wanting to read this.”

From sentence one, page one, I was hooked.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians was the first series that I ever read that I felt took me seriously. The characters resonated with me on a level I’d never experienced before. The story was so beautiful and the writing was witty and hilarious. I was on a reading high, I didn’t understand why I hadn’t picked up this book before.

And so, I kept reading the series, book after book, until I’d reached the end. The ending was beautiful, and heartbreaking, and everything I’d ever hoped for. I was upset that it was over, and I was scared that when I picked up The Lost Hero, (bk #1 in The Heroes of Olympus series, which is a PJO spin-off), I wouldn’t love it as much; that it wouldn’t be the same. And I was right, it wasn’t the same. I still, to this day, love the Percy Jackson series more than I could ever love Heroes of Olympus, but this new series also introduced me to characters I would grow to adore. Leo, Hazel, Piper, Frank, Jason, these are just a few of the new characters in this series that wove their way into my heart.

I have this song I listen to when I read Percy Jackson novels; You Found Me by The Fray (I prefer Matt Giraud’s American Idol cover)- every time I listen to this song I’m reminded of all the feelings I felt while reading these series’, both good and bad. Another one I love is Nothing Left to Say by Imagine Dragons. There’s a video on YouTube with artwork by Vira that plays along with this song, and it’s so beautiful- I highly recommend watching this video if you’re a fan of both series- I promise it will make you feel all the things!

Percy Jackson was everything I didn’t know I needed in my life. This series introduced me to BookTube, and to the community of booklovers I now live and thrive in. I’m so thankful to Rick Riordan for writing these books that have impacted my life in so many ways. (also, a big thanks to all the people who pushed me to read it, without whom, I probably would never have known of it’s existence and my life may have gone down an entirely different road- so, thank you.)

Thank you guys all reading this, and thanks so much to Liv (the curly haired llama) for allowing me to take over her blog today! This is my first blog post I’ve ever written, so I hope I lived up to your expectations, Liv.

All of my social medias are linked on my YouTube channel (link above) if you’d like to check them out!

May Book Haul

Hey everyone! This month I received quite a lot of books because of my birthday and birthday money. I also have started doing booksfortrade which has been fantastic. This is going to be just a quick haul going through the books. Let’s get started!


(In order how they appear in the photo)

  • The Swap by Megan Schull (arc)
  • Furthermore by Tahereh Mafi (arc)
  • I’d Tell You I Love You, But Then I’d Have To Kill You by Ally Carter (pb)
  • Cross My Heart and Hope To Spy by Ally Carter (pb)
  • Don’t Judge A Girl By Her Cover by Ally Carter (pb)
  • Kindred Spirits by Rainbow Rowell (pb)
  • Fire and Flood by Victoria Scott (pb)
  • The Hidden Oracle by Rick Riordan (signed hc)
  • The Crown by Kiera Cass (hc)
  • Salt and Stone by Victoria Scott (hc)
  • Titans by Victoria Scott (hc)
  • The Rose and the Dagger by Renée Ahdieh (hc)
  • The Wrath and the Dawn by Renée Ahdieh (hc)
  • The Orphan Queen by Jodi Meadows (hc)
  • A Study In Charlotte  by Brittany Cavallaro (hc) 
*Not Pictured*
  • The Unexpected Everything by Morgan Matson (hc)

I’m incredibly thankful for all the books I bought/received during the month of May. I’m *hopefully* going to take a break during the month of June from buying books. But who knows?

What are some of the books you received during the month of May? Which ones are you most excited for? 



Book Haul January 2016

Hey friends! Sorry I have been a bit inactive the past few days. I’ve been binge reading the Lunar Chronicles because I’m meeting Marissa Meyer on February 6th. I’m on Winter right now. I also had a speech competition on Saturday where I placed fourth. I barely missed being qualified for regionals. My next competition is next weekend. Wish me luck! 🙂

I’m here to do a mini book haul with y’all (oh hush I live in the south I can say y’all.) I bought four books, and let’s just dive right into it!


Book #1: Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard


Goodreads Link

I bought this at Half Price Books, and I’ve been wanting to read this book forever. I’ve heard mixed things about this book so I was a bit reluctant. I just had to buy it because it was in hardcover for only $8. Yes please. (and I had a coupon because I am the queen of coupons.)

Book #2: Dumplin’ by Julie Murphy


Goodreads Link

I have heard many good things about this book. And a Young Adult body-positivity book? Sign me up. I bought this book at Half Price Books for about $14 (:

Book #3: Winter by Marissa Meyer


Goodreads Link for Series

If you completely ignored my into paragraph, then you would know that recently I have been reading this series. I’m currently reading Winter and I’m eager and sad to finish this series. I got this book at Sam’s Club for about $18. (I’m not completely sure because my mom bought it for me. Thanks Mom! 🙂 )

Book #4: Passenger by Alexandra Bracken


Goodreads Link

Honestly this picture doesn’t give the cover justice. It is just so freaking beautiful *dies*. I’m hoping that the inside is just as beautiful as the outside. I loved The Darkest Minds trilogy so I am hoping that’s the case. Even naked this book is magnificent. IMG_2174.JPG

I’m not sure how much this was because my mom bought it for me out of the blue. I was a bit disappointed about my results for my speech tournament so this was a bit of a cheer-up present. Thank you, Mom 🙂


These are all the books I bought. Thanks for reading! Connect with me on twitter or goodreads. Let me know if there are any book-ish topics you want me to talk about. See you soon in my next post!








Hi Everyone! So if you have not noticed, this is my first post. The pressure is on. I have to be witty and sincere in order to draw readers. Okay, I got this. . *sigh*

I’m not going to go too much into myself. If you would like to know more about me, you can click about the blogger. This blog is going to be full of book reviews, book tags, bookish related topics, etc. All things books! My new year’s resolution is to start this up. I hope I can keep it up!

So look out for posts to come. Can’t wait to see what you guys think!